Is it legal to gamble online in New Jersey?

njYesPlain and simple, yes, it is legal for an individual to gamble online in New Jersey. It may be illegal in states around the country, but in New Jersey it is definitely acceptable. In fact, in 2013, there was a bill passed that specifically permitted online gambling. It was first approved by the New Jersey Legislature and then signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. However, this bill wasn’t just passed in the blink of an eye. It took a great amount of debate over the direction and intent of the regulation. There were some differences and good points brought up on both sides, but ultimately the bill was passed into law within a time frame of two months. New Jersey’s online gambling bill restricts license applications strictly to those operators on land.

Top legal NJ online casinos

golden nuggetThere are multiple NJ online casinos that are legal. One of the top NJ online casinos is Golden Nugget. Unlike other online casinos, Golden Nugget offers a wide variety of games to play, from American Roulette to Casino War. This online casino doesn’t just specialize in one particular game. Actually, Golden Nugget provides users with more games than any other online casino in New Jersey. Besides that, Golden Nugget hosts many different promos and sign-up bonuses that allow users to earn money without even having to play a game. This is definitely enough to entice users to want to do more and more business here.

harrah'sOther than Golden Nugget, Harrah’s Online is a highly sought out NJ online casino. That’s because this online casino is connected to a name that users can count on. As many know, Harrah’s Online is the online version of the popular Atlantic City casino. While there are two table games offered here, the majority of games that Harrah’s Online provides are slots. However, the main reason that users turn to Harrah’s Online is that they have their own mailing list. Once on that, users are set to receive a ton of promotional offers that will really prove beneficial to them in the long run.

Great bonuses and promotions, loyalty and VIP programs

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of bonuses and promotions that come with being a user of these NJ online casinos.

goldennugget-bonusGolden Nugget

When you first sign up for Golden Nugget, you have to type in the promo code “10FREE”. Once you do that, as part of your registration, you will receive $10 for free to try out the games that make up this online casino. This is one of the few online casinos that offer a no-deposit bonus.

harrahbonusHarrah’s Online

As part of a sign-up bonus at Harrah’s Online, users are granted 20 free spins to play whatever games they want on the company’s dime. There’s not even a deposit required here, which is a good deal for all involved. This move will entice users to get playing as soon as they register.